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Customer Screening

Automatic loading and consultation of watch lists issued by both official authorities and the entity in itself. 

Screen without limit of verifications or additional expenses.

Risk Management

Control the risks arising from ML/TF, and presents the level of risk assumed by your company. Monitor established controls and trace its management.

Generate heat maps by processes or risk factors. 

Alerts and Transactional Monitoring

Notification alert system for particular events originated in transactions.

Establish a transactional profile of your customers to identify suspicious transactions.

Risk Factor Segmentation

Segment customers with your own criteria or with Artificial Intelligence by

group specification (customer, product, jurisdiction, distribution channel).

We integrate with your systems

We connect to your current systems for further automation.  We receive data from your programs and we also generate information and reports.

Reports and Indicators

Generate official reports for the regulator and customize your own reports.

Generate AML indicators or create your own.

Monitor the entire system to determine its effectiveness.

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